Vivo ‘Village People’ Unite for Community

Magical and magnificent things can happen when a group of neighbours and volunteers with big hearts get together to find a way to support one of their favourite charities.


A small group of former Vivo Board members wanted to support the All In for Community fundraising campaign. A campaign to raise the remaining 10% of funds required to complete a massive $62M expansion of their beloved community and recreation centre.   


The five volunteers met for a virtual meeting one evening in March to brainstorm what they could do. It didn’t take long before deciding a 50/50 jackpot raffle would be a great project to take on. Not only did they quickly decide this is a great idea, but they also came up with a fun name to call themselves. They now often jokingly refer to themselves as “The Vivo Village People”!  


A raffle was a perfect idea because everything could be done online (pandemic-friendly!). It would also be a fun and easy way for the community to show support for the long-awaited expansion of Vivo.  


Seriously, who doesn’t like the chance to win a big wad of money while supporting a fantastic local charity! 


It took a few weeks to get everything in order, but the raffle officially launched in mid-May. Tickets started selling immediately, and sales spiked over the Neighbour Day weekend to over $10,000! 


Although Calgary celebrated Neighbour Day 2021 differently this year (again!), many of you chose to support your community and your neighbours by sharing Vivo’s raffle and buying your own 50/50 tickets.  


The All In for Community campaign is by the community and for the community. Thank you for showing your support.  We are all looking forward to an even better Vivo where we can enjoy each other as we celebrate future Neighbour Days. 


On June 22, Aileen Ong, a member of the Vivo Village People, and Kelsey Murdoch, Donor Care Coordinator at Vivo, hosted the live draw to an eager group of viewers on Facebook Live. 


Aileen (left) and Kelsey (right) hosting the draw on Facebook Live.


Aileen and Kelsey excitedly announced the lucky winner of the $5,572.50 prize. Watch the video.


Shannon R. was the big winner and is thrilled and excited and surprised that she won and that she supported Vivo in the process.  


Thanks to this group of Vivo Alumni Family volunteers, aka The Vivo Village People, the All In for Community campaign is inching closer to the goal of raising the final 10% towards Vivo’s expansion. The passion and dedication of this small and mighty group are unwavering! They’ll be back in the fall with another fun fundraising event, so keep following Vivo for details. 


You can get involved today, too. Check out the All In Fundraising Toolkit and start planning your own fundraising activity.