Have you ever met someone who effortlessly sprinkles joy everywhere?   

Meet Aileen!   


Vivo uber-volunteer Aileen is All In in everything she does. She’s like a magnet – you just want to be around her caring and joyful personality. 

Aileen thinks life is beautiful. “Even when it gets messy with plot twists,” she says, “I know things will be ok – I just gotta go with the flow.”

Aileen is a wife and mom to two fantastic kids. She works full time and spends as much time as possible helping her sister’s small business. Yet Aileen still makes volunteering a priority, and is a donor to charitable causes she believes in, like Vivo.  


As a resident in north-central Calgary for many years, Aileen and her family have always loved coming to Vivo. A few of her best memories include bringing her kids to swimming lessons or renting the gym so she and her large extended family can celebrate birthdays and other family gatherings with home-made obstacle courses, home-cooked food, and of course, plenty of party music turned all the way up!  

Stampede 2019 at Vivo (Vivo stock photo).

Stampede 2019 at Vivo (Vivo stock photo).


While volunteering at a Stampede barbeque at Vivo a few years ago, Aileen recalls that she loved being surrounded by more than 10,000 friends joining in the fun. “I was yelling at my (actual) friends in the line: ‘Throw your plates in the air or wave ‘em like you just don’t care!!’”.

2016 was the year that Aileen undeniably became All In for Community! She joined Vivo’s Board of Directors, bought a family membership and became a monthly donor. In fact, Aileen will forever be celebrated as Vivo’s first monthly donor.  


So, why would she choose to make a generous gift to Vivo every month for the past six years? 


“It’s a no-brainer – I love Vivo! How lucky we are to be able to go on adventures, connect with people, learn new things and grow!” 


She joined the Board because “Vivo provides a space where youth can hang out breakdancing while seniors are practicing tai chi across the hall. This charity is all about inclusion. It’s a whimsical playful space where everyone belongs, which is important to me. I wanted to be part of Vivo’s charitable mission to raise healthier generations.”  



In 2021, Vivo came calling again and asked if she wanted to volunteer on a committee to help raise the remaining 10% of Vivo’s $62M expansion and renovation. Aileen enthusiastically jumped back in. Her cheerful dedication and creativity helped this group raise over $11,000 in 2021 for the All In for Community campaign. 


Aileen is All in for Community. She and her family are looking forward to Vivo’s grand reopening in early 2023 so that she can, “cannonball into the new lane pool, have a huge party in the indoor park, and lounge by the community fire pit. Oh, and of course, partake in physical activity! The group classes are so fun!” 







You don’t need to do everything Aileen does to make a difference in your community. Want a simple starting place? As part of Vivo’s expansion, we’re planting 222 trees. YOU can make a difference and create a lasting legacy by donating to help us plant a tree.  


All donations to All In for Community received before August 31, 2022, will be matched up to 50% by Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink. Donate today! Learn more here