The NCCA and Vivo:  A Beautiful Bond of Friendship

What does saying “Yes! I’m All In!” mean to you? It means a lot to the North Calgary Cultural Association (NCCA).  


The kind and compassionate members of the NCCA said “Yes, We’re All In” for the first time about ten years ago. They have been saying “We’re All In” ever since.


The North Calgary Cultural Association raised an astonishing $24,000 in one night for Vivo’s expansion and the All In for Community fundraising campaign. Indeed, the membership was inspired by their president’s speech at their annual dinner on December 4th, 2021. 


This generosity expresses their commitment to and ownership of the special partnership between their members, Vivo, and the community.  


The NCCA is on our growing list of incredible Vivo champions.  


Who is the North Calgary Cultural Association?  


The North Calgary Cultural Association (NCCA) is a club of primarily South Asian seniors who are true community leaders.  They are making our local north-Calgary neighbourhoods a better place for everyone.  


For the NCCA being “All In for Community” means ensuring that local seniors stay connected. It means helping to secure funding for local improvement projects. It means growing and sharing fresh-grown food from in the community gardens.   


Humble Beginnings 


The NCCA began in 2009. For many years, the club used the Country Hills Library for their weekly meetings. Every week, they would empty the trunks of their cars filled with meeting materials and supplies for chai tea.


The membership expanded over the years. Eventually, they outgrew the library meeting room. Then, for a few years, they bounced around using rooms in local churches before moving to online meetings because of the pandemic.  



Even now, when they do meet in person, they still don’t have a meeting place to call home. They are looking forward to Vivo’s expansion because they know this will be their new “home.”  


A Friendship Blossoms 


In 2011, the NCCA was first invited to participate in Alberta Culture Days at Vivo. They said yes 


This invitation, unknowingly at the time, became the beginning of a beautiful bond of friendship. 


Not long after participating in their first Culture Days, the NCCA was asked to consult on Vivo’s expansion. Again, they said yes. 


The NCCA knew that the community could benefit from more and bigger meeting rooms and that north-central Calgary needed gathering spaces for big community and cultural celebrations.  


So, each time Vivo’s staff asked the NCCA for assistance in advancing the project, they said yes. They wrote letters of support. They drove from Calgary to Edmonton to attend government meetings advocating for funding.  They provided feedback on the new designs.  They always said, “Yes, We’re All In.” 


Celebration of a Bond 


The NCCA had their annual year-end dinner On December 4th, 2021. Vivo was honoured to be included.



Having missed their opportunity to meet in person last December, the NCCA invited only a limited number of its member families to attend. 


Although this year’s dinner was smaller, this was much better than meeting virtually. They were thrilled to gather and celebrate some tremendous recent accomplishments. 


The evening’s program was filled with song, poetry, dance, and speeches from Mayor Gondek, MLA Yaseen, and Ward 3 Councillor Mian.  


Then, when the club’s current president, Surinderjit Singh Plahaspoke, he reminded the crowd of their generosity: 

Vivo greatly appreciates any donation we give for the expansion. Your donation is being used for a great cause that will benefit the community for years to come. 


Your donation will have the unique feature of having your or your family’s name on the donor wall.


This opportunity further creates a special bond and feeling of ownership that no other Calgary recreation facility has provided to us in the past.


His inspiring words celebrating the bond with Vivo and their part in ownership resonated with his fellow members.  


The NCCA responded.  Again, they said, “Yes, We Are All In!”


More like they shouted it! 


Their current and growing total contribution to Vivo’s expansion is now nearly $34,000. 


The NCCA is All In! 


What about you? Are you All In, too? 


Do you want to see your name on the donor?  Click here to learn more and become a changemaker in your community.